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Who's laughing now Netflix??

Who's laughing now Netflix??

As many of you may know, this past week Netflix took the extraordinary, unprecedented step of going full deleto mode on it’s mail-order DVD business. To the tasteless among you, this may have floated in one ear and then rattled around inside the empty space but goddamnit you must still relish in a good ol’ DVD??

Maybe sometimes I want to have a fight with the DVD player like a dysfunctional, old married couple. Why have Disney+ when you can really work for that Bambi II watch sesh. You know the drill: shine it with your shirt, blow into the DVD player, and softly speak it words of affirmation until that doesn’t work and you almost chuck it out the window. It’s about the journey really.

Or if it’s really over, please tell me how I will be able to continue expanding my archaic physical media collection by ripping Netflix DVDs. It’s just not the same trying to pirate films “over the web” and the site takes me straight to some random niche porn*… hmph.

In the end, bold move, Netflix. This shit built you. You may be high and mighty now, producing award-winning movies and raising your monthly subscription price but don’t forget, you came from the muck. From shlepping DVDs around via USPS in little red envelopes. And we loved it.

*no kink shaming